New challenges will require new tools

The digital revolution will play a role in this

The potential for energy savings thanks to "smart" digital measures is around 270 billion dollars

But, most of all, a change of perspective is required

by institutions, private actors and the civil society, which will have to start working together

as well as by consumers, which will be at the forefront of the changes into the energy sector.

Energy efficiency alone can become the cheapest and cleanest measure to reduce emissions and the energy bill

Improvements in energy efficiency since 2000 led to almost 300 billion dollars in energy saving in 2016

Intensity of energy consumption per unit of GDP.

Source: WEO18 p, 247

We will need to rethink the way we look at energy in geopolitics, in the economy, but also in everyday consumption.

Discovering how large the role of energy in our life is and how big it has always been