Energy is changing...

because the challenges the world is now facing are different than in the past

Energy has to become sustainable

as climate change becomes more evident and dangerous

Energy contributes to more than 70% of global emissions

and if current emissions will not change, the temperature increase of 2 degrees will be inevitable

Source: NASA data, elaborated by

However, the environmental impact of energy goes is not limited to climate change

Lack of clean cooking kills 2.5 million people in the world each year

Energy must also be accessible

Developing countries will need energy the most, as they will represent the greatest share in the growth of energy demand

and access to power will need to be granted to the regions still missing it, particularly Subsaharan Africa


Source: IEA 2017

Finally, in an increasingly geopolitically unstable world, energy supply has also to be secure

particularly for countries which are heavily dependent on imports

such as the EU, which imports more than 50% of its energy and struggles to diversify its sources, gas in particular

Percentage of energy imports on total energy consumption.

Source: Eurostat 2018