Energy is at the foundation of our economy and society...

And it is changing at an unprecedented speed

Renewables costs fell as much as 80%

and new actors have become protagonists of the global energy scene

Primary energy consumption in 1965 and 2017

Source: BP Statical Review 2018

Meanwhile, coal consumption increased by more than 75% from 1993 to 2013

But in the past five years it has flattened

The effect of these changes on the global economy and society is major because of the fundamental role of energy for us

Energy is key to economic development.

In Africa the lack of energy for more than 60% of its people, is one of the leading causes of the missed economic development

While the competitivess of the European industry is limited by a gas price even twice the American one


Source: Eni World Gas and Renewable


Source: Eurostat and EIA

Energy is behind almost every human activity

On average, a calorie of beef requires 80 calories of fossil fuels to be produced. A calorie of lettuce consumes 127 calories of fossil fuels to be imported by plane across the Atlantic

Yet, the role of energy goes beyond this

It is, for instance, a key driver in geopolitics

Indeed, energy at the same time influences and is influenced by the current, great geopolitical events

It affects commercial balances, as countries which used to be exporters are now importers, and viceversa. In the early 2000s, the US were net importers of oil and gas.

In 2014, after the shale revolution, the US became the first oil producer in the world, surpassing Saudi Arabia, and have now started exporting gas to Europe

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