Energy: New horizons is an online platform launched by the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) to offer a wide perspective on the great transformations which are currently affecting the global energy sector. Indeed, many analysts believe we are in the middle of a fourth industrial revolution, with new energy technologies and systems at its core. Among the causes for these historical changes taking place in the global energy scene, are the sharply falling costs of renewables, the shale revolution, a quickly raising gas consumption, a deeper digitalisation of energy generation and consumption and a pressing need to fight climate change, as well as the rise of China as an energy leader and the growing relevance of many African and Asian countries as key players in the sector. Understanding these dynamics is fundamental not only to grasp what will be the future of energy, but also what the geopolitical, social and economic fabric of the world will hold.

The analysis offered by this website is divided into two parts:

  • Challenges and fundamentals, which offers a long narrative, divided into four sections, encompassing the most relevant issues of the ongoing changes through, among the others, data visualisation, maps and satellite photos.
  • In-depth, which features a series of articles dedicated to specific topics or to relevant events. This section is regularly updated.

This website has been produced by the IAI’s Energy, Climate and Resources Programme as part of the IAI-Eni partnership in 2019. For more information about the Institute activities in the sector please visit:

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